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Guide for Choosing the Right Medical Cannabis

While recreational marijuana is still awaiting legalization in many states, medical marijuana usage is more commonly legalized and is increasing in popularity as it is used to support conditions such as anxiety, seizures, and more. As it’s popularity increases, so does the variety of ways it can be consumed, and this may create a lot of confusion for the average consumer. We want to break down the different types of medical cannabis on the market and find which may be the best one for you. 

1. Vaporizers 

Vaporizers are relatively inexpensive and can be picked up at your local smoke shop for $20 or less, or you can choose to splurge on a higher quality vape or pen. With a vaporizer, you insert a cartridge, press a button, inhale the cannabis vapor, and blow it right out. Unlike smoking, you do not need to hold the vapor in your mouth. When it comes to dosage, the cartridge you choose will likely say how many hits you can get from one cartridge and how much cannabis or THC it contains. Vaporizing/vaping offers the advantage of a quick onset of effects (5-30 minutes) and an easy and accurate dosage.

2. Tinctures and Sprays

Tinctures are a form of liquid that comes in a bottle with an eye-dropper-like dispenser. You administer tinctures under your tongue, and the same with sprays, which are a similar liquid with a different method of dispensing. Both often take effect very quickly (5-30 minutes) like vaporizing. According to a few sources who have actually used both products, sprays often come with a burning sensation whereas tinctures do not. Tinctures and sprays offer the advantages of a quick onset time, discreet and easy use, and simplicity. 

3. Edibles

While edibles may pose a dosing challenge for some, they are more fun and affordable than many other options. When shopping for edibles, try searching for your specific dose. If a food exists in the world, you can probably find a version of it infused with your preferred dosage of THC. Despite all of the different and fun options available, edibles do take the longest to work due to the breakdown process they have to go through. You may have to wait up to two hours to know how the edibles have affected you, and you shouldn’t ingest any more until those two hours are up. Most people find the intensity of edibles to be much greater than any other form of marijuana, and ingesting too much may lead to uncomfortable overconsumption. The drawback of edibles is their inconsistency. While some companies do their best to ensure that you get the amount of medicine specified on the package, some will get it wrong—either providing more or less than advertised.

4. Pills and Capsules

If you dislike the taste of marijuana and don’t want to have any taste or smell when consuming, pills or capsules are definitely the best options for you. They often look like vitamin E supplements and are a relatively discrete form of cannabis consumption. They work similarly to edibles in that it will take some time to feel the effects. Pills tend to be on the more expensive side, but the amount of medicine in each capsule or pill tends to be a lot more consistent and has a more accurate dosage than edibles or vaporizers.

5. Balms

Balms are topical waxes that you rub on your skin to treat pain or skin conditions in a specific or localized area. Balms take around an hour to start working and most do have a very strong marijuana smell. Many medical cannabis consumers won’t find this worthwhile, but some people suffering from skin conditions that cause pain, soreness, and migraines appreciate its somewhat localized effects. If the topical wax contains THC, it can still get you high.

While one type of medical cannabis may work well for someone, another may be a better fit for you. You can use this article as a rough guide, but the only true way to find your best fit is through trial and error. Like a good Netflix series, you should give any new medical marijuana product a few tries as well. Check out our various marijuana options to get started on your cannabis journey. We hope this helps, and remember to always be Kind!

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