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How to Discover Your Perfect Cannabis Product

Smoking cannabis may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but what if you still want the high, just without the smoke? That’s where edibles and other inhalants come in. Kind offers a wide variety of delicious edibles that pack a punch, but if delicious sweet treats aren’t your thing, the creatives of the cannabis world have come up with some pretty crazy options. Here’s a short list of the edible options on the market, and how to choose the right one for you!

1. Beverages 

One of the newer ventures in the field of edibles, cannabis, and drinks are crossing paths more and more often. While LA mixologists have crafted cannabis cocktails, other creators have come up with soothing cannabis tea, with a low dosage of THC. When choosing an edible, make sure you know the type of experience you are looking to have, and keep in mind what effects mixing cannabis with alcohol may have. If you’re looking for a relaxing experience or to soothe anxiety, stick to the cannabis-infused tea and save the cocktails for another time.

2. Solids

Solids are the most common form of edible and can range from brownies to cookies to candy and even waffles. When choosing a solid edible, be sure to again keep the type of experience you want in mind, as well as any food intolerances and how your body may react to certain ingredients in the solids. You may also want to check with your dispensary (or delivery service) to find out the infusion method of the cannabis in the edible. The most popular and common infusion methods for solids are Cannabutter or an oil such as coconut oil.

3. Tinctures

This type of edible may not be as delicious, but it certainly is just as effective and much more versatile. These alcohol-infused cannabis extracts are best for flexible connoisseurs, as the drops can be consumed on their own or combined with any food and drink. Fans of tinctures love them for their easy application and accurate dosing. If you’re not an avid or everyday consumer, tinctures are a great solution because of their long shelf-life.

4. Sprays 

Another quick and easy oral application, cannabis sprays are like micro-dosed shots of THC to the mouth. Sprays also come in the CBD variety, and both types of sprays are discrete and offer more immediate effects. If you are an on-the-go consumer, sprays are the perfect edible for you.

5. Inhalers

Inhalers are another new entrant to the edible scene, with few big-name brands reaching the news. Part spray and part vape, cannabis inhalers give users quick and easy hits without the hassle of a lighter. Just like spray edibles, inhalers are perfect for the discrete or on-the-go consumer. Unfortunately, the newness of inhalers means that they are very limited in availability. However, as the trend grows in popularity, we may be able to see them in more markets.

Choosing the perfect cannabis product on your first try can seem daunting right off the bat, with all of the options, dosages, flavors, and colors. We genuinely recommend starting with a classic solid in the form of a food you know you will enjoy. If that doesn’t feel like the right fit, trial and error is the tried and true way to find the perfect cannabis product for you. 

We hope this helps and remember, Be Kind!

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