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Connected Cured Resin Cartridge 1g Gelonade x Biscotti x Gushers

Gelonade (Lemon Tree x Gelato #41)

Biscotti (South Florida OG x Gelato #25)

Gushers (Triangle Kush x Gelato #41)

Connected’s 1 gram 510 battery compatible cartridge now available with Cured Resin – extracted from freshly cured indoor cannabis plant material, delivering on a flavorful and natural plant experience. Connected uses the very same material that is cured and harvested off the plant to make the oil in this Cured Resin Cartridge. It’s true to the strain, true to nature, with nothing else added.

DIRECTIONS & RECOMMENDED USE: Attach cartridge to 510 compatible battery, using between 2.0 to 3.0 volts. Heating at higher temperatures may result in burning the coil, which can ruin the cartridge and the product inside. Do not heat up and inhale repeatedly without allowing the heating element to cool down between puffs. Store upright and at room temperature.

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