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Connected Live Resin Disposable 0.5g Gushers

Disposable | Connected Cannabis Co.
100% Live Resin Disposable – Gushers
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Available from 10+ retailers
$50.00 per 0.5g
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Our disposable Live Resin pens are authentically made with 100% fresh frozen material. That means you can chill out and take a deep breath in knowing that what is going into your lungs doesn’t contain anything other than what nature intended and Connected cultivated. There’s no difference in flavor between your jar of Gushers and the Gushers in your disposable pen except convenience and discretion.

Gushers Flavor Profile: Mixes a legendary OG kush that has an established history of potency with our perfected Gelato 41. Diesel gas, rocket fuel flavor from the Triangle Kush is brought to the surface while the Gelato gives it a nice coffee-like tone. Gives you a strong edgy and alert high.

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