Dr. Greenthumb 3.5g Chocolate Vandal


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Dr. Greenthumb
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Let Chocolate Vandal steal your heart with its smooth creamy scent that ends on a sweet note. Aside from its trichome-filled nugs, this Hybrid boasts bright green nugs riddled with purple hues and rusty orange stigmas. Chocolate Vandal is perfect for any time use! Originally launched in 2018 with a line of branded cannabis products, top-tier cultivation and a line of 6 dispensaries throughout California, Dr. Greenthumb’s has rapidly expanded to offer more products to more communities. Through a vertically integrated culture, B Real with the DGT brand, bridges the gap between legacy cannabis, music, apparel, and the ideology that there is strength in being unapologetically YOU. B has always been one thing for sure….REAL. As lead vocalist of Cypress Hill, B and his group members were one of the first bands to rap almost exclusively about weed, and some of the first to embrace it publicly in a culture where it was still taboo. 3.5g


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