Habit Tincture 400mg Peach


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Dosing applicator included: Customize your dose from as little as 2mg and UP. (100mg per Oz)

Easily craft custom dosed beverages by mixing with sparkling water, tea, cocktails, kombucha & smoothies.

Try pouring over ice cream, yogurt or baked goods.

Wont go stale.

Easily fits in pocket or purse.

Safe to leave in a hot car without worrying about melting or spoiling.

Less than 2 grams of sugar per 5mg serving

Sweetened with natural fruit sugars

No high fructose corn syrup

No cannabis taste

Ultra rapid onset.


Habit Full Spectrum High THC Flavored Tinctures are crafted using Habit’s proprietary water soluble nano encapsulated cannabis oil. An extremely versatile way to microdose or mega-dose making it perfect for either beginners or experienced users. The tinctures offer ultra rapid onset times + amazing flavor. Easily micro-dose you Habit Pourable Tincture. Add it to tea, sparkling water, or recipes!

How To Use

Use the included dosing applicator to easily dose from 1-10mg (or more). Mix into just about any beverage including sparkling water, tea, smoothies, etc. Or, add to ice cream, yogurt, or kefir for a delicious medicated treat. The possibilities and options are nearly endless with Habit’s flavored tinctures.


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