Hash Bone Infused Preroll Pack 2.5g Minis 5pk Keylime Pie x Purple Punch Hash


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Hash Bone
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True to both strains, this indica HashBone tastes like candy and spice. Made with 75% Key Lime Pie flower and 25% Purple Punch cold water bubble hash, each potent .5G hash-infused pre-roll provides a happy and relaxed body high.
HashBones Make People Happy HashBones are premium hash-infused pre-rolls that feature an artisan blend of 75% top-shelf flower and 25% cold water bubble hash – more hash than any infused pre-roll in California! Boasting enhanced flavor and potency, HashBones are crafted to provide a smooth burn and consistent experience… every time. There’s nothing worse than a “premium” pre-roll that’s packed too tight, full of stems and shake, and doesn’t burn evenly no matter how many times you huff and puff. That’s why at Hollister Cannabis Co, we make HashBones by paying close attention to the details. We control our whole process from seed to shelf, and filter out what most cannabis companies still use in their pre-rolls. We only use the best greenhouse flowers from top California farms, never use solvents to make our bubble hash, and carefully weigh and hand-pack each HashBone to make sure it’s just right.


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