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Heavy Hitters 1.5g (3-Pack) Diamond Infused Prerolls Blue Slushie

Diamond harmonizes ULTRA premium flower and ULTRA potent 98%+ THC-A diamonds, providing a deep balanced body effect and flavorful filled smooth smoke flow. The current strain offerings test at up to 55% THC!

Diamond is the latest offering from the ULTRA line, an elite collection that embodies the core of Heavy Hitter’s brand principles: To create the purest, most potent cannabis products on the market.

Folded Tip | Small Batch | Limited Drops | Hand Crafted | Ready-To-Smoke

Blue Slushie is one of those strains that hits you like the sum of its parts, packing a taste like blueberries on peach cobbler and lifting your mood while setting you back on the couch for an evening of daydreaming or just plain chilling. We’d expect nothing less from the happy union of Blueberry Cookies and Georgia Pie. Take a sip of Blue Slushie and enjoy relaxation without the sleepiness, a couchlocked creativity that’ll take your mind places while warming you up and keeping you happy at home.

Strain Type: Indica/Hybrid

Taste Profile: Blueberry, Citrus, Sweet

Effect Profile: Calm, Creative, Happy

Lineage: Cross between Blueberry Cookies and Georgia Pie

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