House Weed 3.5g Wake & Bake Blend (Sativa)


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House Weed
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You love weed, but you like to keep things simple. House Weed’s newest line of pre-ground whole flower enhanced with kief is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. We select the best hand-trimmed smalls from our farm then grind them down to rolling perfection. Topped off with our super [resinous/sticky-icky] kief, House ground flower is ready to be smoked. Shake. Enjoy. Repeat.

House has got your back with 24 hours of epic weed and is available in three unique blends. Early riser? Hit that Wake n’ Bake (Sativa) to start your day off right. 9-5 (Hybrid) is ideal for anyone who is on the daily grind and After Hours (Indica) is your go-to answer for chilling out after a long day.


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