Kaizen Live Resin Badder 1g Jungle Pie


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74.02 %

Jungle Pie is a cross between Jungle Spice x Pie Hoe. The top three terpenes in Jungle Pie are Terpinolene, Limonene, Myrcene. Terpinolene is incredibly common in strains but usually in very small amounts. Strains in which Terpinolene is dominant are much less common. Terpinolene has a complex profile with a nose described as woody and herbaceous yet floral. An incredibly dank OG with a bit of grape flavor, Pie Hoe is a gassy, fruity strain that balances out Jungle Spice’s herbaceous taste. Caviar is unlike any other texture in the concentrate world. It is a rich, glistening concentrate with a grainy yet juicy consistency.


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