Lolo Smalls 3.5g #freebritney


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Double Deja Vu is a rare indica dominant strain created through crossing Now N Later X Jet Fuel Gelato strains. With its heady effects and long-lasting high, this bud is perfect for any indica lover who needs significant mind and body relief. This bud has fluffy bright neon green nugs with furry green hairs and a super thick blanket of chunky white crystal trichomes. As you break apart each little nugget, fresh spicy aromas of earthy pine are released. The flavor is very much the same, although with a notable hint of flowery herbs.

You’ll feel an influx of lifting euphoria soon after you finish your last toke, slowly inching its way through your brain and pushing out any negative thoughts. A sense of creative focus comes next, playing perfectly with your pure happiness and ease. A deep sense of permeating relaxation comes next, filling both mind and body with its comforting tendrils and leaving you slightly sedated, although still mentally aware.


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