Smokiez Live Resin 100mg Sour Watermelon


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NEW!!! Introducing Smokiez™ Sour Watermelon Indica Live Resin THC Fruit Chews, packaged in an new conveniently sized stainless steel tin. Thoughtfully extracted from full spectrum fresh-frozen cannabis – retaining all those flavorful terpenes typically lost in the curing phases. These terpenes simultaneously combined with our delicious fruit flavors result in a full-sensory, extra-flavorful, & seriously potent gummy. These delicious mini fruit chews are handcrafted with real fruit and an all natural recipe. • Vegan, Gluten-Free & Dairy Free • • 100 mg THC per Package – 10 mg THC per piece • 100% Natural Plant Based Colors – May change slightly from batch to batch! – WSLCB Compliant – Not attractive to minors • Available in Both Sweets & Sours – Cream for Sweets – Black for Sours – Brand new, all natural recipe


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