West Coast Cure Preroll 1g Tangie

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West Coast Cure
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The Tangie Cured Joint from West Coast Cure expresses a sativa phenotype and packs a toothsome flavor. A hybridized cross between an old school Skunk and California Orange, the Cured Tangie Joint radiates a fragrant citrus aroma that dominates the palate, electrifies the taste buds and energizes the mind. Typically testing in the mid 20-percentile for THC, this cultivar provides a focused mindset with creative tendencies. And when lit, ripped and inhaled, the joint’s psychoactive compounds provide a tropical treat for the senses.

WCC’s Tangie Cured Joint is loaded with sweet and citrusy terps that are physically uplifting and mentally stimulating. A thought-provoking smoke with a delicious kick, The Tangie Cured Joint from West Coast Cure is a well balanced strain that works nicely morning, noon, or night.

* West Coast Cure Cured Joints are tested in compliance with California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control requirements.


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