Kind Delivery Co Return Policy

7 DAY RETURN POLICY: If the product is defective through no fault of their own, we may go through with a return. This means we need to make the drive worth it, lets try our best to upsell or add to their returned order to make the return into a delivery!


AFTER 7 DAYS: unfortunately we do not take returns past seven days as defectiveness may not be something initially returnable. Defectiveness of a used product cannot be returned in general. Please refer the patient to the brand’s website contact page, or more effectively their social media pages. Inform the patient that they must contact the company for approval to then credit us with any return. The company must specifically reach out to us in reference to specific patient/purchase with credit confirmation for us to return any and all product past 7 days.

  • Returns should only be done when the budtender is confident the patient has tried all troubleshooting
  1. We do NOT return products because of dissatisfaction that is out of our control. ex: didn’t like flavor, not strong enough, they have wrong battery or accessory sold separately, etc.
  2. We DO return defective cartridges after asking patient to try all troubleshooting options
  • defective batteries (no light on, cant charge, doesn’t work on working cart.)
  • Moldy flower
  • Expired product


cartridges: have patients test their potentially faulty cartridges with another battery they know works, it may be the battery currently in use is to blame.

Batteries: Have patients try the 5 Times Rule. Universal 510 thread batteries with a button require the user to press 5 times fast on the button to turn on. If battery is turned on, have them clean the inside CAREFULLY. try again. Have them charge battery, remind them not to screw battery too tightly as they might be why its not working.

Expiration date:  Assure the patient they are referencing the expiration date, not the harvest date.