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Top 5 Cannabis Products in California

As cannabis gains popularity, mainly in states where it has been legalized, the cannabis market grows along with it. Over the last decade, cannabis connoisseurs have gotten insanely creative with the products they have added to their inventory. While a few of these products may be out of your cannabis comfort zone, a few of them are incredibly useful. Here are Kind’s top 5 picks for cannabis products in California. 

1. Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil and CBD oil both have swept the nation, and even in states where cannabis hasn’t been legalized recreationally, it is used medicinally. Cannabis oil is used to get high, but CBD oil derived from hemp contains minimal traces of THC and will not get you high. Although many people use CBD as support for the effects of anxiety and epilepsy, even more, use it for nausea and pain relief. Cannabis oil is an umbrella term for the many available forms of this product. Liquid for vape pens is the most common, but another form is the tincture, which are drops of concentrated CBD or THC extract that are dropped under your tongue and absorb into the mouth. There are also capsules, which can be taken just like your average pill.

 2. Cannabis Chocolates

Many people are familiar with edibles, and if you’re looking for some great ones, we recommend Kind’s (they’re amazing). But, have you heard of sophisticated cannabis chocolate bars? Though they’ve been around for a while, Cannabis-infused chocolate bars have started picking up popularity and come in a variety of flavors and dosages of THC. From dark to white chocolate, these bars make it so you can feel fancy while you’re getting high. 

3. Cannabis Beverages

No need to do a double-take, you read that right the first time. People can now drink their weed. Mixologists in Los Angeles have brought cannabis and cocktails together, but in states across the nation where cannabis is completely decriminalized, they’re putting it in everything. Coffee shops across New York are advertising cannabis-infused coffee, and dispensaries in Colorado sell cannabis fruit punch and cola. Most popular on the cannabis drink market is beer, and breweries in Oregon and Washington have quickly hopped on the trend.

4. CBD Beauty & Skincare

Cannabis and hemp in beauty products extend the market out to a group that normally may not be huge consumers of cannabis. CBD is said to have anti-inflammatory properties due to cannabinoid receptors in the skin. Some research has shown that it can help fight acne and CBD skin care products claim to be able to help with pain relief, hydration, or even something as simple as relaxation. Beauty products containing CBD range from lotions and rubs, to bath bombs, facemasks, and even lip gloss and mascara. You can even find CBD products in big-name beauty stores, like Sephora. 

5. Cannabis Gummies 

You can’t go wrong with a classic, and cannabis gummy edibles are becoming more and more creative (and delicious) as time goes on. Now in addition to the edible THC gummy, made to get you high, you can also take CBD gummies. Intended for relaxation as opposed to a high, CBD gummies have become commonplace and Kind Delivery has a variety of gummies to choose from. 

While these wild cannabis cocktails and fancy chocolates do sound interesting, we at Kind always come back to the classic brownie edible or the reliable 50/50 hybrid flower. If you’re looking for high-quality THC and CBD products, look no farther than Kind, and check out our website to see if we deliver to you. 

For more information on the main types of cannabis strains and how they might benefit you, check out our article on the matter here.

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