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Why It’s Important to Buy Cannabis from Licensed Retailers

Before California’s legalization of marijuana, buying illegal cannabis off the streets was common practice for many consumers, and finding a dealer was pretty much the only way to attain it. However, now that cannabis has been legalized there’s no need to go through back alleys and dealers to get quality cannabis, dispensaries have popped up on nearly every corner! Here is a list of a few very strong reasons why you should buy from Kind and avoid buying marijuana off the street.


If you buy medical marijuana off the street you run the risk of being arrested. Despite the fact that weed legalization is sweeping across the united states, there are more people in jail for marijuana-related drug charges than all violent crimes put together. To ensure that cannabis consumers are not punished, keep your cannabis purchases legal and buy marijuana from officially registered dispensaries (or Kind’s easy and simple delivery service).


Setting aside the criminal risk for a moment, you also run the risk of being put into a dangerous situation when you purchase your cannabis off the street. It is much easier to be a legal consumer of marijuana than it is to find a dealer and illegally purchase your cannabis. 


Buying cannabis off the street actively encourages a criminal lifestyle for the person selling the weed and the people that supply him or her. It is basic supply and demand, you buying illegal cannabis just tells the seller that they need to continue distributing it, creating a cycle of crime that never ends. 


Again, let’s put aside the danger of breaking the law and focus on you and your health. If you buy medical marijuana off the street, you have no idea what the person selling it has done to it. No matter how long you have known your dealer, you truly can’t guarantee that the cannabis you purchase from them has not been tinkered with, or worse, laced. If you buy medical marijuana illegally, you have no guarantee of quality and that leaves you open to the dangers of your weed being full of harmful drugs and toxins.


Not only is cannabis purchasing now legal, it’s more important than ever to purchase and be a consumer of legalized retail cannabis. You as a consumer have a lot of purchasing power, and buying your cannabis from legal dispensaries in your area keeps tax dollars local. Purchasing cannabis off the streets likely means delivery from operations out of the area. On top of that illegal operations often pass themselves off as legal ones. The best way to go about purchasing your cannabis is legally, through an accredited dispensary. 

Whether you meet your dealer on the street or find someone on ‘the wrong side of town’ buying cannabis illegally will end up being an unpleasant experience at least once. There’s a huge risk of coming in contact with law enforcement and catching a fine or being arrested, and a concern that you may get ripped off or drugged with a hazardous chemical or other drugs. The best and most ethical mode of consumption is by legally purchasing your cannabis! We promise it isn’t hard, and we even have articles on what you can expect when you purchase for the first time. Remember, Kind is always available to deliver to your door if going to a dispensary isn’t your scene. Good luck and always be Kind.

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